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Aadhaar Verification API Services for a Quick Customer Onboarding

All businesses require background verification services for verifying details like aadhar mobile verification of the customers. This involves a lot of paperwork and verifying them with their originals. The process is tedious, time-consuming and involves meeting the customers in person to get their KYC documents verified. After the pandemic, this has become even more difficult due to the restrictions imposed on the movement of people. To overcome such difficulties, one can avail of online Aadhaar verification services with eSign facility to verify aadhaar card details. The eSign facility is an online electronic signature capability that helps an Aadhaar cardholder digitally sign a document. An Aadhaar cardholder can avail of services of Aadhar verification service providers and sign documents through their Aadhar card verification solution. Authentication of the KYC documents through eSign (a UIDAI service), is easy, simple and authentic. 

Aadhar verification service provider uses an API to integrate eSign service provided by UIDAI verification provider along with their identity verification services. This helps to verify the Aadhar card of the customer by their biometrics or entering the OTP received on their registered mobile number. After the signing of the documents, eKYC services verify the signature of the signer. Post verification, the signer gives his consent while signing the documents. Later, an electronic signature will be ascribed on the submitted documents by eSign services of NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited. This method is faster than others like digital signatures using Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) and e-Signature. It provides a stellar experience to the customers in signing and e-verifying their KYC documents for onboarding. This also helps in employee onboarding by e-verifying their documents and completing their joining formalities seamlessly in a face-paced manner.

Authenticity, Integrity and Validity of Aadhaar Verification API Services

The Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 provides:

  1. Legal sanctity to electronic signatures throughout India.
  2. Acceptance of the electronic signatures on par with the wet signatures helps to treat the electronically signed documents on par with the wet signed documents.
  3. Basic legal and administrative framework for e-commerce and promotes its growth by creating trust in electronically signed documents.
  4. The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) with rights to license and regulate the functioning of the Certifying Authorities such as eKYC services of UIDAI.
  5. UIDAI the rights to share the demographic data of your customer and their photograph that is electronically signed and encrypted with you.

Features of Aadhar Card Verification Solution

  1. Easy and simple: You can e verify Aadhaar number of your customers and employees in an easy and secure way. It can be done anywhere and anytime on any computerized device through a digital Aadhaar verification service. This makes the life of your customers and employees easier. They can digitally sign their documents anywhere and anytime on any computerized device through your digital background verification services.
  2. Legally valid: It is legally valid throughout India as The IT Act, 2000, of India provides legal sanctity to electronic signatures throughout India. This solution is prevalent all over India to verify aadhar number.
  3. Flexibility to implement: The eSign services of NSDL e-Gov integrates seamlessly with most of the Aadhar verification service provider’s applications. It provides you with the flexibility to implement digital signature services and even verify Aadhaar card number easily over the internet. It is also easier for the customers to upload the documents with a few clicks. Then they can electronically sign them by entering the OTP sent by UIDAI to their registered mobile number or using biometrics in less than a few minutes.
  4. Secured: It encrypts user data, documents and signatures at each and every stage with public keys. These are destroyed at your end after they decrypt the user data, documents and signature of your customers.
  5. Privacy: The IT Act, 2000 governs the privacy of your users which entitles UIDAI to endorse the signature of the signer on their documents. It provides you with the demographic details of the customers and employees. But for this, the successful verification of their digital signature and their consent is necessary.

Processes Involved in Aadhaar Verification

It is a series of steps involving Application Service Provider (ASP), eSign Service Provider (ESP) and Certifying Authority (CA) to provide background verification services. UIDAI is ESP, NSDL e-Gov is CA and your organisation is ASP.

The UIDAI Aadhar verification process involves the following to verify Aadhar number:
  1. Ask the end-user to digitally sign the required documents.
  2. Create the documents to be digitally signed by the end-user.
  3. Collect the Aadhar number and authentication features such as biometrics (fingerprint or cornea scan) or OTP sent to the end user’s registered mobile number.
  4. Generate an input API for using eSign.
  5. You have to interface your Aadhaar verification service application with the eSign using API.
  6. ESP has to validate the input from the interfacing application and then produce the Aadhaar eKYC input based on the Aadhaar eKYC API specification.
  7. The Esign Service Provider has to call the Aadhaar eKYC API.
  8. ESP has to generate a new public key for that Aadhaar cardholder.
  9. The Service Provider has to send the new public key and eKYC information to the CA to certify the documents.
  10. CA has to provide Digital Signature Certificate and send it to ESP based on the information received from ESP.
  11. ESP has to sign the input documents of the end-user using the private key.
  12. S/He has to create an audit report that contains e-transaction details, timestamp and Aadhaar eKYC response.
  13. The ESP has to transmit eSign API response to the eSign provider’s application after obtaining consent from the end-user. The end-user gives his/her consent at the time of signing the document using their biometrics or OTP received on their registered mobile number. This also helps to verify Aadhar number. It also displays a checkbox of their acceptance to provide their demographic information and photo along with digital signature on their documents.
  14. You have to attach the signature to the required documents after you receive the signature from the ESP.

Benefits of Aadhar Card Verification Solution

  1. Aadhaar verification API is paperless which saves time, money and the environment to verify aadhaar card.
  2. It is hassle-free because you need not reserve your precious office space to store paper documents. You can store the documents signed through the Aadhaar verification service on any cloud platform or Digital Locker.
  3. It is authentic as the KYC details are electronically verified using biometrics or OTP sent to the end user’s registered mobile number.
  4. Online background verification services maintain integrity and stores audit reports for future reference to trace for malpractices.
  5. It is suitable for individuals, businesses, government organisations and non-governmental organisations.


Aadhar verification service provides a comprehensive solution to your KYC verification needs electronically by making the process easy, simple and secure. This helps your organisation in a quick customer onboarding. You can also use the identity verification services to verify Aadhaar card details of your employees for a quick employee onboarding.

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