AML Screening & Monitoring

Achieve a seamlessly AML Compliance process with our integrated all-in-one platform

It covers services from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening & monitoring to Counter-Terrorism Financing (CFT) Compliance. Specialised and expertise domain in Sanctions screening, PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) and Adverse Media Screening. Make your regulatory compliance management and customer onboarding process much more secure and compliant to the Anti Money Laundering compliance regulations.

    • Reliable & updated global databases
    • Minimizing false positives
    • Advanced monitoring strengthens

Automate your ongoing AML and Risk Monitoring process

Breakaway from your outdated, delaying AML transaction monitoring systems. Implement our tailored & flexible real-time matching and monitoring regulatory compliance process. Intimates your system before the risks become threats to your business. Be the first to know critical changes and reduce or avert possible loss.

Connected Workflows

Ease of integration of Anti Money Laundering compliance checks into your customer onboarding process via highly functional APIs. AML dashboard offers an easy-to-navigate interface accompanied by intelligent visual guidance. Get to know all the updates at a glance which helps in identification and mitigation of risk more effective and efficient.

This covers

Sanctions & Watchlist

Screen entities against real-time updated Global Watchlist/Databases

Sanctions screening involves scrutinizing entities associated with your organization against a dynamic global database. This platform screens every single transaction that takes place within your organization and raises a red flag whenever it encounters suspicious activities.

Sanctions are imposed restrictions on individuals, entities or countries to stop and change their unlawful activities. Our platform runs a check against international and government databases to identify such entities averts various financial and money laundering risks.

Problems faced

  • Manual data accumulation
  • Regular modification of sanctions list
  • Increased cost due to the employment of hundreds of analysts
  • Prone to human errors
  • Lags between jurisdictions updated by regulators & implemented by firms
  • Deployment of sophisticated technology by criminals

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Enhance your PEP screening ensuring compliance with global PEP regulations

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are individuals with prominent positions that make them vulnerable to various kinds of illicit activities like corruption.

Our platform provides an enhanced due diligence process to conduct PEP screening and exposing individuals with high-risk profiles. You can access additional information about the individual and its intended relationships with various businesses. It unveils the underlying intentions for the transactions undertaken by them.

Problems faced

  • Delayed updates of the PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) list
  • Outdated profiles & information for PEP screening
  • Enormous amount of data with obsolete technology makes it unmanageable
  • Non-manageable data a results in high number of  false positives


Consolidated global databases with thousands of structured sources are in place to identify high-profile and high-risk individuals. The automated AML monitoring system of the databases, updates the list as and when changes occur. It puts countries with planned elections on the top to conduct enhanced due diligence on the Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) in that country. Daily changes are monitored judiciously. It ensures anticipated PEP changes are updated in the shortest time frame.

Adverse Media Screening

Access the most accurate and detailed database of media entities and adverse information

Grab the first mover advantage by leveraging the strengths of Emerging Technologies. Our platform deploys Machine Learning algorithms that classifies the consolidated database and collates all the media entities and adverse information into structured profiles. This cutting edge technology minimizes wastage of time and money by providing a comprehensive list for adverse media screening.

Compliant with the required mandates

The profiles created by the platform satisfy the requirements of the regulatory compliance bodies and provide accurate results. Cutting down on false positives with better access to the media list accelerates the customer onboarding process.

Ongoing monitoring

Get notified whenever there are changes in the organisational and customer risk. With the automation of adverse information and media screening processes, your organisation can stay updated and alert. This solution has a user-friendly and powerful API.

Benefits of our platform

  • Accurate & comprehensive risk-based profiles
  • Quick customer onboarding
  • Easy, seamless integration of API into the workflow
  • Reduce false positives

How PiChain’s platform helps in solving the problems 

  • With our platform, you can access reputable, relevant and up-to-date data to meet your requirements. Using AI, Machine learning algorithms you can run a check against these consolidated & structured databases.
  • Advanced sanctions screening allows you to integrate a risk-based approach in your onboarding workflow.
  • Eliminating the same result searches that you approved previously reduces false positives over time.
  • Performing enhanced due diligence by assessing the risk, ascertaining true matches and recording decisions.
  • Simple, user-friendly dashboard that lets you control the scanning, risk assessment, credit viewing all in one place.

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