AML Transaction Screening

Screen your every single payment transaction to identify SARs

Simultaneous monitoring against Sanctions list

With millions of structured databases, you can identify the risk associated with sender and receivers easing out the process of compliance risk management. AML transaction screening occurs on a real-time basis for various elements of transactions such as payment narrative, reference text etc. thus making the compliance management process easy. Thorough transaction monitoring for suspicious activities and generating SAR report.

Quick Remediation for real-time alerts

The user-friendly interface and seamless API integration makes risk identification easier. Access all the transaction-based risks at one place and enhance the process of decision making. The platform facilitates compliance with the requirements of regulators, auditors and banking partners. Real-time AML transaction screening and monitoring identifies risks quickly leading to prompt action.

Cloud-based technology

The use of cloud-based technology cuts the lengthy implementation process thereby ensuring quick deployment to the remediation activities. Also, our AML transaction monitoring technology helps to integrate this platform with your workflow without any delay and in a safe & secure manner.

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