Corporate Banking

Leveraging AI in Corporate Banking

Quick Glance at Corporate Due Diligence

  • Authenticity and Verification of potential clients assume huge importance for Corporate banking firms. The companies who are dealing with financial transactions such as Banks & Financial institutions conduct a proper corporate due diligence process.
  • To ensure that the companies are able to eliminate the false positives, PiChain has developed this solution that uses AI in Corporate Due Diligence.
  • This platform assists in digital onboarding. It identifies and raises alerts of individuals who have engaged in malpractices in the past.
  • This process utilizes proprietary algorithms that assist banks to mitigate risk and enhance security checks while the customer onboarding process.

Transaction Banking

  • Banking institutions performing transactions for their customers have to handle gigantic amounts of data on a daily basis. Manual handling for such operations has several drawbacks which hinder the banking institutions to achieve full efficiency.
  • Keeping in mind the need for a system that handles operations in real-time, PiChain has developed a solution which enables faster processing of the data.
  • By automation of the complex processes of corporate banking firms, our customer onboarding services are able to reduce the turn-around time drastically without compromising on the user convenience.
  • Leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, this solution enables the banks to enhance the customer experience by automating the regulatory process.

Current A/C Onboarding

The conventional process of opening a Current Account with a Bank involves tremendous paperwork & a lot of human efforts. The customers, as well as the banking personnel, refer to it as an irksome & a tiring process. Our customer onboarding services are simple and conducts enhanced due diligence checks.

How PiChain assists in accelerating the Current A/C Onboarding

  • The Auto-feeding of details of the customers reduces the time & efforts of the human workforce.
  • Data extraction, forgery checks & real-time document verification process can be conveniently carried out using Digital KYC.
  • Hassle-free onboarding of multiple signatories digitally with the dissemination of application that usually takes weeks.
  • AI-enabled technology and Regulatory Intelligence ensures 100% compliance with the required KYC mandates.
  • With respect to risk compliance, Algorithmic Risk Assessment helps to gauge the risk associated with the customers.
  • Achieve a speedier assessment of corporate banking customers using comprehensible visual dashboards with derived outputs & checks.
  • Integration of third-party services on this platform provides secure, seamless customer experience for all stakeholders.

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