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Artificial Intelligence-based Onboarding (Real-time KYC)

The rising number of banking frauds in the process of customer onboarding are due to human errors and complicity. But with advanced and emerging technologies, the occurrence of such errors can be eliminated & banks can achieve smooth, less risky onboarding.

Our digital onboarding technology leverages AI to automate the whole process. Right from data & image extraction, auto-feeding of the details in the database, authentication & validation of documents; our product performs most of the daunting manual tasks. Video forensics for spoof detection & checking liveness of the interaction; forgery checks using intelligent technology ensures secured end-to-end encrypted & real-time verification. Thus, resulting in a seamless customer onboarding journey.

Secured Digital Contract enabled by Biometrics 

Re-engineering of various business processes involves the implementation of advanced technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence. Such a process is backed by Digital contracts which facilitate the instantaneous exchange of information among the parties. Possessing their advantages & limitations, digital contracts still helps the firms to conduct faster transactions.

The electronic contract saves time, a huge amount of cost in paperwork, immediate customer responses & improved service quality enhancing the customer experience. Complete automation helps to avoid errors & delay in the process of digital onboarding. Though digital contracts do not focus on humans to make decisions on specific transactions, it still assists in gauging the risk in the environment of automation. Hence, electronic/digital contracts focus on creating rules for the other party helping it to avoid any fraud and discrepancy.

Compliant, Scalable & Seamless Video KYC

The wide adoption by banks & financial institutions of Video KYC as a consent-based alternative for identity verification have made the customer onboarding process frictionless.

Our digital onboarding technology assists banks & other Regulated Institutions to onboard thousands of customers every month using Artificial Intelligence & other frontier technologies.

Algorithmic Risk Intelligence

The current systems employed by the banks & other financial institutions lack the ability to analyze the data online. Vast amounts of data across traditional, online platforms are not analyzed & interpreted by the system properly.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms enable the firms to analyze this enormous data by creating links between them and establishing valuable insights. This will provide in-detail due diligence reports for real-time KYC which further facilitates digital onboarding process.

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