E-Sign, E-Stamp & E-Contracts

Flexible, Secured and Hassle-free Digital Workflow


Don’t compromise on the authenticity of the digitally signed documents.

We provide you with the intelligent e-Sign services which not just cuts costs but also guarantees a seamless automation workflow.

The tedious traditional paper-based processes make the signing of documents a daunting task especially when onboarding customers. But our e-Sign technology enables paperless, digitalization of physical documentation adding on to seamless customer experience. Also, electronic signatures are legally recognised and valid documents which combined with intelligent technology ensures no identity theft.

We provide with the following types of e-Sign:

Aadhaar-based e-Sign

USB-based SC token

Document Signer Certificate

Electronic (Stylus) Signature

Pre-captured signature

How can our e-Sign services benefit you?

  • Multi-party Signing: Our electronic signature technology enables you to send signature requests to multiple parties in a sequential signing order.
  • 100% legal & valid:  It is a secured, valid, legal document equivalent to wet signatures under the IT Act, 2000.
  • On-premise & cloud-based: Our digital signature technology utilizes SaaS-based Plug-n-Play APIs & on-premise solutions which makes the signing of the document easier and simple.
  • Common Use cases:  It is extensively used in digitally signing trading documents, invoices, lending agreements, opening Demat accounts and much more.
  • Increase in efficiency: Eliminating the enormous cost of paperwork, streamlining the process, reducing operational expenditure and time, e-Sign increases the efficiency of the business operations.
  • Minimizing fraudulent transactions: e-Sign helps to eliminate the possibility of any forgery due to the identity-linked digital signature feature.
  • Environment Friendly: It is a sustainable effort that saves gallons of water, tons of paper thereby reducing the carbon footprint.
  • User convenience: Remote signing and digital technology enable the users to sign the documents anytime, anywhere at their convenience.
  • Device Compatibility: It is compatible with any device, mobile or desktop, and can be plugged to any application with simple APIs and SDKs.
  • Quick & Seamless integrations: Our e-Sign technology offers quick & easy integration with your applications using powerful & extensive APIs. It does not require any infrastructure.
  • Real-time analytics: It also provides you with comprehensive visual analytics of the events taking place. You can even access & view the complete process in real-time.
  • Bank-Grade Security: The technology provides you with safe, secured and end-to-end encrypted communications. Also, these data can be stored with complete audit trails for future use.
  • Automated link sending: It enables to send links to for digitally signing the documents via triggered SMS and emails.


Accelerate Your Documentation Process With E-Stamping

The rising identity thefts and frauds made it mandatory for authentication of every document. But the cumbersome manual document validation not only consumed a significant amount of time but even consumed a lot of human resources thereby increasing the cost. The manual process involved multiple rounds of reviewing the documents by the parties manually, acquiring and printing the stamp on it, signing the document with ink, sending the copies to the signatories as well as the stakeholders.

The speed of digitization led to the introduction of e-Stamps or digital stamps easing the irksome document validation process. Digital stamps or e-Stamping has brought implausible advantages to the businesses by hastening the documentation process.

e-Stamping is the process of stamping the documents and paying the stamp duty to the government electronically or digitally. As the whole e-Stamping process is undertaken via digital means, it helps in

  • Cutting down the business documentation turnaround time
  • Easily create legal and valid documents within a few minutes
  • Provides an additional level of security eliminating the risks of thefts
  • Cost-effective process


The evolution of technology has radically shifted most of the business processes online or on digital platforms. With the extensive use of e-Sign and e-Stamp, the adoption of e-contracts has become prominent in the present times.

Being a vital part of completing business transactions and building relationships, e-Contract has completely revolutionized the traditional process of signing documents. e-Contract or digital contract is a document or agreement created and signed in electronic or digital form. Similar to electronic transactions, electronic contracts or e-contracts are safe, legal and valid.


Our e-Contract helps you to:

  • Elimination of human errors
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Enhanced security
  • Meets the required compliance and regulation mandates
  • Ease of contract creation and editing

e-contracts are a reliable way to complete business transactions as they facilitate creating and signing of contracts or documents anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Together, e-Sign or digital signature, e-Stamping and e-contracts can help in a smooth, uninterrupted workflow automation process.

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