FATCA, CRS & Chapter 3 Solution

Leveraging AI for complete Automation of FATCA & CRS Compliance

An efficient, flexible & fully automated compliance management solution for your business


Automation & Flexibility

PiChain’s fully automated, flexible & robust platform for FATCA, CRS & Chapter 3 Solution provides a seamless & scalable compliance management process.

End-to-end process & audit trail

This platform includes FATCA and CRS validation, tax calculations and optical QI logic which provides a seamless & robust end-to-end process. Advance audit portal and built-in workflow enhance the level of protection on the audit.

Intuitive system

Real-time validation of the FATCA and CRS forms in electronic and scanned format enables banks & financial institutions to ensure sustainable compliance.

PiChain’s Solution

  • With 33 unique capabilities, our platform provides solutions to the growing compliance complexities of banks & other financial institutions.
  • Strengthening the overall governance & resilience of the operational teams, businesses can easily get through tough times and risk management.
  • With unique features reinforcing the firm’s ability to automate operations, this platform provides tremendous growth opportunities in the current environment.

How PiChain assists Financial institutions:

  • Guarantee 100% secured & robust compliance with constantly changing set of regulations
  • Automation resulting in speedier validation process increases reliability, efficiency and turn-around time by 90%
  • Minimizes cost by 93% per process
  • High-value risk mitigation associated with manual processes
  • Better client experience using real-time coherent, online solutions for validating forms
  • Transparency in updating compliance rule sets within the firm

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