Mutual Funds

Automated Frictionless Digital Onboarding

Individual Onboarding

Digital Customer Onboarding enables banks to conduct complete KYC verification and authentication in a way that minimizes costs and TAT significantly. Also, AML/CFT checks help to ensure there are no false positives.

Our solution achieves this:

  •  AI-enabled facial recognition, data extraction and other advanced technology ensuring secured Digital KYC process.
  •  Proprietary ID verification system screens the transactions for identifying and eliminating fraud threats.
  • AML compliance checks ensure seamless integration and compliance with the legal systems. It also updates the banks about changing regulations.

Non-Individual Onboarding

  • This solution assists banks with digital onboarding of SMEs reducing the onboarding time from several weeks to a few hours.
  • Speedier completion of this process saves a significant amount of cost and resources of banks.

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