Risk & Compliance Management System for Enterprises

Compliance is a must-have for every company, especially financial organizations. Risk & compliance management systems act as the backbone for the smooth running of operations in an organization. This very reason brings up the need for having a proper GRC technology in place. There are various Regtech companies who are innovating various compliance management solutions to solve the compliance problems. 

Compliance is not a one-time process but it has to be updated on a continuous basis. It is here to stay as its necessity is increasing day by day. With the number of frauds and cybercrimes increasing exponentially, it becomes incessantly necessary to have strong compliance policies and rules. Regtech companies are providing automated compliance solutions to sustain and hold the integrity of an organization.

With the stage set on this thought, The Tech Blog Writer brings to you an amazing podcast covering compliance and what we can expect from it in the future. Neil Hughes leads this interactive podcast with Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. These podcast series show the journey of budding entrepreneurs who leverage technology to change the face of the finance industry. It follows up with how the risk & compliance management system is changing the industry that is otherwise dominated by human interaction and work.

The podcast starts with why compliance management solutions are becoming unavoidable. With huge numbers of frauds and threats generated every day, manual compliance is becoming less and less effective with time. Questions like when is the right time to switch to automated finance? Is your company ready for implementing the GRC platform? If not, what are the pre and post actions one should be aware of? All of these questions are answered in this episode which provides clear guidance as well.

Are you doing things correctly or are you in danger of falling back? Educate yourself on various compliance management solutions with the help of this podcast. Debunking myths and exposing facts of compliance, this information pumped podcast is a worth watch for everyone in this field. Follow this podcast to know the updates in the risk & compliance management system. 

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