Smart Digital Forms

A Simple & Secure Way for Document Creation

Empower your customers with the convenience of submitting any type of forms electronically, on any device. Smart Digital Forms provide a secured and seamless customer experience while filling out different kinds of digital forms. With a live preview of the document, our platform will provide you with a view of how the document will look like in real-time which helps to eliminate errors by updating it live. Digital Forms enable digital signatures which ensures the security and quality of the electronically signed letter/document/contract. Intelligent forms help in achieving a seamless customer onboarding journey.

Key Benefits of Digital Forms

  • For business – This self-servicing documents help to reduce the workload on your support team by empowering the customers to fill in the details & sign the form at their convenience. The technology can be easily plugged into your current workflow without many interruptions.
  • For Operations – Real-time signing of messages helps the decision-makers to approve the communication message before it goes out to the customers. By controlling the quality of content, layout of the digital form; the department can ensure error-free digital contracts focusing on data integrity.
  • For Executives – Our platform meets the need for ever-increasing volumes of documents sent to the executive level. This smart digital form provides you with scalability and accountability as you can monitor real-time changes.

We offer the following types of Smart Forms:

Digital Forms

Interactive Forms

Intelligent Advisory Forms

Non-Advisory Digital Forms

Smart Digital Forms - Game Changer for your organisation

  • Eliminates the need for paper. Digital Forms are not just electronic forms as they enable you to capture the data, verify it and integrate it with the business system. This helps to streamline the operations reducing costs and making informed decisions due to the availability of critical information.
  • These forms are easy to design & customize. Anyone without programming or technical knowledge can modify these digital, intelligent forms.
  • It provides a high level of data accuracy. The real-time entering of information into the system eliminates the need to manually fill the details where there are high chances of errors and data loss.
  • It speeds up the operation process thus saving a significant amount of time. Eliminating the risk of relying on the outdated data collection method, this platform can be easily integrated into the existing software system.
  • Secured storage, instant retrieval, distribution of the data helps to run all the operations smoothly.

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