How is Regulatory Compliance Technology proving to be a worthy tool?

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How is Regulatory Compliance Technology proving to be a worthy tool?

Being dominated by manual work, the finance & banking industry is now slowly shifting towards technology to meet the growing regulations of AML in banking. Moreover, authorities have also fastened regulations of CFT in banking. Hence, existing anti money laundering systems are undergoing innovations. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the foremost technology innovated by the Regulatory compliance technology firms. These are gradually meeting the compliance requirements of Prevention of Money Laundering Act by bringing a revolution in the financial industry.

Listen to a stimulating podcast brought to you by BizSoup Podcast Radio, featuring Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. It covers all that you would need to know about the current reforms in AML regulations and FATF recommendations. Detailing the use of AML software solution, it traces how exactly the concept of cryptocurrency, bitcoins and other deep tech is giving rise to the financial revolution. The discussion highlights the various AML policy measures and importance of regulatory audits. 

John DeBevoise of BizSoup podcast radio puts forth all queries involving anti money laundering system and its reformation in the finance world. Being an entrepreneur himself, this initiative is aimed at helping all budding entrepreneurs to develop robust AML processes. Following the tagline of “If it’s in Business it’s Business Soup!”This podcast has come a long way and has helped numerous businesses to grow.

Starting with Shub’s experience in establishing a Regulatory Technology company, the discussion rounds up to how these AML checks can help small businesses.  Having an AML compliance system in place, they can easily deal with their complex compliance problems and financial crimes. Technology deployed for AML in banking is not just helping in compliance but also in the field of threat identification. The discussion covers the various frauds under the banner of Money Laundering and how the banking system becomes vulnerable to these Laundering threats.

Blockchain, being the token of cryptocurrency, has a very unique immutable property which ensures compliance to CFT in banking. The finance industry is currently going through a technological revolution with deep techs like AI and blockchain being at the forefront of change. The current pandemic has also pushed the financial industry to accept digital solution such as AML transaction monitoring. Needles to say, this is an industry that needs to be prepared for a huge bout of ups and downs to come out as a better and more secured version of itself. 

Know more about the reforms brought by regulatory compliance technology. Also, track the changes in the regulations of The Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Click below.

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The Future of Banking Compliance Technology: Paypod and PiChain

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The Future of Banking Compliance Technology: Paypod and PiChain

Due to the spike in financial crimes due to COVID-19, there are continuous changes in the compliance regulations. This have accelerated the adoption of the Banking Compliance Technology. Banks and financial institutions have to become more vigilant for suspicious activities and follow SAR reporting system. Fintech companies are developing financial technology and compliance solutions to keep up with the latest regulations. The institutions are continuous monitoring transactions and suspicious transaction reports.

A worth listening podcast by Soar Payments on RegTech & sustainable compliance. Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain, provides great insights on how Regtech firms provide banks & various financial institutions with reliable & sustainable fintech services to adhere to compliance laws. PiChain is a RegTech company with the mission to make compliance sustainable. This episode elaborates how SAR reporting helps to deal the surging suspicious activity in the financial industry. 

Paypod, an amazing podcast, explores the Payments and Fintech industry. It is created by Soar Payments and will provide you with great insights directly from leaders in the Payments and Fintech startups. Scott, the Host of PayPod, interacts with business leaders and entrepreneurs across the field of fintech technology, security, mobile development etc. It covers the trends brought by cutting edge digital tech in sectors of credit card processing, Bitcoin and many more!

Starting with Shub’s journey in the tech and finance industry, the podcast moves on to the topics of sustainable banking compliance technology. It explains what make fintech solutions so necessary in today’s Banking and Financial Sector. He explains how and what builds up the pillars of successful implementation of compliance regulations. It touches upon the challenges faced by fintech industry and then dives in on how smart technology provide insights from suspicious transaction report.

We get to see some really valuable insights and numbers to the finance industry which otherwise most people are unaware of. To get more insight into the subject of SAR filing and complying with GDPR, listen to the podcast. Click below:

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