The Future of Compliance Technology: Paypod and PiChain

The spike in financial crimes due to COVID-19 and continuous changes in the regulations have accelerated the adoption of Compliance Technology. Banks and financial institutions have to become more vigilant for suspicious activities. In order to keep up with the latest regulations and continuous monitoring of transactions, Regtech firms have developed simple and easy compliance solutions.

A worth listening podcast by Soar Payments on RegTech & sustainable compliance. Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain, a RegTech company with the mission to make compliance sustainable, provides great insights on how Regtech firms provide banks & various financial institutions with reliable & sustainable tech tools to ensure compliance. It elaborates how compliance technology helps to deal the spiking financial crimes. 

Paypod, an amazing podcast that explores The Payments and Fintech industry, created by Soar Payments will provide you with great insights directly from leaders in the Payments and Fintech industry. Scott, the Host of PayPod, interacts with business leaders and entrepreneurs across the field of fintech, security, mobile development etc and covers the trends brought by cutting edge digital tech in sectors of credit card processing, Bitcoin and many more!

Starting with Shub’s journey in the finance industry, the podcast moves on to the topics of sustainable compliance and regulatory technology; what makes it so necessary in today’s Banking and Financial Sector. He explains how and what builds up the pillars of successful compliance practices. It then touches upon the challenges faced by financial companies and organizations and how smart technology is getting adapted to ensure robust and more secured service.

We get to see some really valuable insights and numbers to the finance industry which otherwise is a topic that most people are unaware of. To get more insight into the subject and listen to the podcast, click below.

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