Transaction Monitoring System - Following the Money Trails

Money is the most important token of the economy that needs to be managed and tracked properly. One part of money and
compliance is complying with the regulations. It helps one to know how and in which direction the money is flowing. Wherever money transactions are involved, there is a risk of fraud or other financial crime involved. To tackle such situations, many start-ups have emerged introducing solutions. Their platforms consist of transaction monitoring system, continuous risk monitoring technology, suspicious activity tracking based on technologies like AI, blockchain, etc.

An incredible podcast brought to you by Startup Instinct emphasizes the importance of money and compliance management systems, featuring Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. The discussion revolves around how organizations are getting affected by compliance irregularities. It covers how various tech start-ups create platforms such as risk monitoring technology to reduce them. 

Focusing on different perspectives and experiences of start-up entrepreneurs, Zaeem Rehman, host of Startup instinct aims to bring in fore their journey to build a startup. The discussions are meant to understand the ups and downs involved in it. This podcast also motivates the ones who want to create a difference with their innovative ideas and guides them to the correct path. The podcast covers people from all genres of industries starting from business CEOs to content creators and many others.

Discussing the experiences and learning, it moves on to Shub’s take on compliance management, risk monitoring technology and regulatory problems to which he is devoted to solving. He discusses the cause and vulnerabilities that open up scope for Money Laundering.

The conversation also touches the psychology behind money investments and use of international banks which have impacted Money Laundering activities around the world. We also get an insight into how the transaction monitoring system helps to keep a track on money circulating inside a company. This technology also helps in suspicious activity tracking. It covers how the regulations establish a self-sustainable country.

We get to see some really shocking global statistics that leave us with a thought of overall figures that might be derived for the world. Money is required to run a country and the economy which is bound to be affected by the changes in laws governing it. To have a better understanding of the topic, click on below.

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