Types of e-Sign

We provide with the following types of e-Sign:

Aadhaar based e-Sign

It facilitates digitally signing of the documents by an Aadhaar Cardholder. It is an integrated service which issues a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) to perform the tasks of signing the documents electronically. In order to avail this service, possession of Aadhaar card is a requisite. The Aadhaar cardholder can authenticate himself/herself by performing a validation check through an OTP sent to the Aadhaar registered mobile number. Then the person can avail the services of electronic signature and can sign any document.


  • Aadhaar based e-sign is instant and easy to perform.
  • Aadhaar signatures provide a level of security that could otherwise not be achieved during a handwritten signature or a wet signature.
  • More suitable for one time users.

USB-based SC token

It is a physical device protected by a password wherein personal identity is established. In this type of e-Sign, the user can access the network without a password. The use of such type of electronic signature enhances the security of the digital identity providing much stronger and secure authentication to access the network. It contains unique in-built software which helps to identify and perform digital signatures.


  • It assures a high level of security to the users as it demands a password to access the content to the token.
  • It facilitates portability and durability.
  • Encryption of digital contracts or agreements in a much-secured way.
  • There is no need for a reader hence, this device can be carried conveniently.
  • The plug-and-play capability eliminates the cost for training.

Document Signer Certificate (DSC)

DSC is a certificate that is issued by the Country Signing Certification Authority (CSCA) to organizations using digital signature applications. It facilitates automatic authentication of documents/agreements of the organization using a digital or electronic signature.

Electronic (Stylus) Signature

It is nothing but one of the ways of signing documents electronically. The entity can sign the document using a stylus. It simply means drawing your sign on the touchscreen of your device to create a digital signature of unique style.

Pre-captured signature

This is a very simple way of e-signing the document. Pre-captured signature is a picture copy or scanned document of your wet signature. In this type of e-sign, you need to upload the document of your signature in the required field.

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