Video Kyc

Video KYC based Customer OnBoarding

Video KYC Verification | PAN Card Verification | Aadhaar based Esign Services | Digital Customer Onboarding Solution
Assisted Video KYC Verification | Digital Customer Onboarding Solution | VCIP

Assisted Video KYC

Customer Support | Video KYC Solutions | Automated Onboarding Process | Video KYC Solutions

Non-Assisted Video KYC

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    Key Features

    Digital KYC Verification Process | Online Aadhaar Verification | Video KYC

    Digital KYC form

    Digital Signatures | Esign Technology Solutions | Electronic Signature Services

    (Aadhaar eSign/Virtual Sign/ DSC/ Bulk signing)

    100% Compliant | KYC Verification Services | Digital KYC | VCIP

    RBI/SEBI/IRDAI compliant

    Audio-Video Call Verification | Digital KYC Solutions | KYC Verification Technology

    Audio & Video Call through Browser

    Features of Video KYC | Assisted Video KYC Services | Digital KYC Solutions

    Direct One to One Chat with Customers

    Real-time Chat | Video KYC Based Customer Identification | Digital KYC Solutions

    Group Chat - Single Customer & Multiple Employees

    Instant Retrieval & Storage | Video KYC Verification | Digital KYC Process

    Maintains Chat History

    Real-time Document Sharing | Conversational AI | VCIP Process | Digital KYC Services

    Instant Sharing of Files, Images & Videos

    Video Conference | KYC Document Verification | Video Based KYC Solutions

    Audio/Video Recording

    Screenshot | Real-time Document Capture | Video KYC Solutions

    Capturing Screenshot of the Docs

    Cloud Storage | Digital KYC Document Verification Process | KYC Identification and Verification

    Desktop, Android or iOS

    Data Sharing | Digital Banking Technology | Video KYC Services

    Link data, docs & videos to Internal System

    Video KYC Solutions | Customer Onboarding Process | VCIP Service Providers

    Original Seen and Verified (OSV)

    • Record Video while the Customer shows Original Documents.
    • Capture a Live Screenshoht of the Customer holding the document.
    • Store Documents with Customer Name & Date Stamp on it.
    • Use Front Camera for Customer Photo & Back Camera for Documents.
    • Screenshots saved with Date Stamp.

    Liveliness Check in Non-Assisted Video KYC

    Biometrics & Facial Recognition Technology | Digital Identity Verification | Know Your Customer
    • Real time face capture with live Biometrics
    • 3D Face Model
    • Body Movements

    Address Verification

    Location Tagging | Real-time Location Sharing | Video KYC Process
    • Authenticate Name & Age against the ID card
    • Verify the captured customer’s location with the document address

    Document Validation & Verification

    PAN Verification | Document Verification | Online KYC Solutions
    • Document Classification during Upload
    • Optical Character Reading & Text Conversion
    • Tampering & Fraud Detection
    • Real-time Document verification with Registered Databases

    Facial Recognition

    Digital Identity Check | KYC Verification Services | Online Identity Verification
    • Compare the person on video call with photo on docs
    • Video recording for non-repudiation

    Key Documents

    Aadhaar Document Verification | KYC Verification Process | Digital KYC Solutions

    Aadhaar Card

    PAN Card KYC Verification Services | Onboarding Customers Digitally | Client Onboarding Process

    PAN Card

    Passport Verification | KYC Checking Services | Digital KYC Solutions

    Passport (Indian)

    Driving License | VCIP | Customer Onboarding Process | Online KYC Check

    Driving License

    Utility Bills Verification | Customer Onboarding Process | Digital Onboarding

    Utility Bills

    Bank Statement Verification | Online Verification | Background Verification

    Bank Statement


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