Video KYC

Video based Customer Identification Process (VCIP)

Most apt and advanced banking grade technology developed to automate the onboarding process. PiChain’s Video KYC solution or digital KYC process assists banking & other Regulated Entities in onboarding thousands of customers every month. Shortening the customer onboarding process to a few minutes, this video verification technology ensures that it meets the strict regulatory and data security guidelines.

This video KYC process eliminates unnecessary costs & brings efficiency in the onboarding process. The digital customer onboarding solution provides a seamless experience. It verifies & validates documents uploaded by the customers in real-time. Optical character reading & text conversion helps to avoid tampering of the documents in the digital customer onboarding solution.


  • Easy, simplified process for verifying documents using any device – desktop, mobile & pad
  • Instant Text or Video chat with the customers without app download or registration in video KYC verification
  • The customer just need to click the provided video chat link which subsequently opens up in the browser
  • The employee initiates the call, can record & take screenshots during the video chat
  • Sharing of files over the text chat

User Workflow

  • In video KYC verification process, customer opens the video chat link in the browser using desktop or mobile
  • Enter customer details & connects with the bank employee
  • The employee receives the notification of the login
  • The employee will initiate the video call with the customer
  • Once initiated the video chat during digital KYC process, the employee can:
    • Share files
    • Record the video
    • Take screenshots while the user shows documents
    • Matching ID photo with live user’s face
    • Access the customer’s location


  • Digital KYC verification of documents without any manual intervention
  • Complete automated Video KYC verification
  • Digital KYC solution enables automated video recording
  • Do the liveliness by using SMART AI
  • Uploading live photos of documents
  • Taking screenshots of the documents shown automatically
  • Storage & instant retrieval of the recorded video from the company’s database


1.One to One Text conversation between Customer and EmployeeSimple, Easy and Instant communication
2.Enables Text conversation between One Customer and Multiple EmployeesMultiple employees help to provide a higher amount of support to customer
3.Instant File SharingCustomer can share ID and Address proof in real-time
4.Location SharingCustomer can share their live location at the click

Video Calling and Recording Features

1.Video call can even work on 128 kbps bandwidthFully compatible with any Global Network (Low Network to High Network Regions)
2.One way/Two-way Video call/Only Audio callComplete Flexible Solution where:-
  • Employee can see Customer but Customer is restricted
  • Both Can See Each other
  • For very low network areas, the process can be done via audio.
3.Screen sharing availableBoth can share screens with each other
4.Quick ScreenshotEmployee can take screenshots of the documents while the Customer holds them on the camera
5.WaterMark on ImagesInserting Date stamp to ensure Liveliness check and easy to know the date
6.Camera Flexibility (Front and Back)Choose a particular camera to achieve a clear image of Screenshots
7.Instant File sharingSimultaneous sharing of documents as asked by the Employee
8.Record Video callComplete conversation can be recorded and archived for compliance
9.Share recorded video callBy sharing a link, the internal team members can see the recorded Video
10.Download recorded videoVideo can be downloaded and stored within internal systems

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