Expediting your credit verification process

The uncertain conditions along with the wave of digital transformation have created a need for a platform for digital loan approving process. The current circumstances have made a physical visit to the bank difficult. To surmount this challenge, we have introduced a video credit verification process that can help you to approve the personal loans of your customers without the need for any physical contact. Our video PD solution or credit verification services perform the credit and identity checks to eliminate frauds. The credit evaluation services ease the personal loan verification process.

The video PD solution helps you to take the personal loan approval process to a video call discussion providing much secured and quick loans.

Video PD Credit Verification Process | Video Verification Services

Product Features

Group Discussion | Video PD Solution | Video KYC Verification Services

Group Discussion (One customer & multiple employees)

Credit Verification Process | Video Verification Services | Video PD Solution

Credit Verification

Facial Recognition | Video PD Process | Video KYC Verification

Face match with customer ID

Address Verification | Video Verification Services | Video PD Solution

Address verification

Document Verification | Personal Loan Approval | Video PD Solution

Document validation

Random Questions | Video PD Services | Video KYC

Random questions/instructions

Secured Video PD Solution | Credit Verification Services

End-to-end encryption of video & communication

Image Forensics | Video PD Services | Video Verification Services

Blurriness correction & image forensics

Video Interaction | Video PD Solution | Credit Verification Process

Time stamp & audit trail for video interaction

Backend Dashboard | Video PD service providers | Video KYC Services

Concurrent audits via BackOps Dashboards

Video Banking Solution | Video PD services | KYC verification

Role-based system for Bank officials

Direct Chat | Video KYC Process | Video PD

Direct chat with a customer by multiple employees

Product Features

Credit verification

Our credit verification services validate the credit score of your customers for loan processing. This helps to avoid repayment failures.
Credit Verification Process | Video PD Solution | Digital KYC Service Providers
Geatagging | Address Verification | Video PD Solution

Address verification

The digital personal loan process helps you to verify the exact address of your customers with our hyper-accuracy geotagging API.

Secured Technology | KYC Checking | Video KYC Service Providers

Document validation and verification

The document verification services leverage optical character reading and text conversion for verifying the documents. Real-time database search and validation.

Secured System | eSign Technology Solutions | Digital Signature Services

Device compatibility

Our credit verification services can be carried out on any device whether mobile or desktop. This gives flexibility to the customers for carrying out the personal loan approval process.

Video PD Process | Personal Loan Approval | Video KYC Verification

Web browser-based text and video chat

The customers do not need to download any app. The complete process can be carried out via a web browser. The employees can even chat with the customer during the video call.

Call recording | Video PD Services | Video Verification Services

Call recording and storage

The video PD solution provides the feature for recording and storage of the call for future use. Instant retrieval of this recording is possible.

Face match with customer ID

Facial recognition and liveliness check technology help you to eliminate the chance of identity frauds.

Facial Recognition | Video PD Solution | Video KYC

Video PD Credit Verification Process

Facial Recognition | Video PD Solution | Video KYC Service Providers


Customer receives and opens the link for
initiating the video call with the Regulated Entity/s 

Video PD Services | Credit verification process | Video verification


Regulated Entity/s gets the notification and leads the discussion after performing initial statutory checks
Document Verification | Video KYC Verification Services | Video PD Solution


The Regulated Entity/s performs deeper document checks and captures screenshots of additional documents & ask random questions
Facial Recognition | Video PD Process | Credit Verification Services


The liveliness and face ID check is carried out along with the facility to check the  background of the customer

File Sharing | Video PD Credit Verification Process | Digital KYC Solutions


Both of them can get connected on text chat via video call and share files

Facial Recognition | Video PD Solution | Video KYC Service Providers


The video call is recorded and made available via dashboard for audit


  • 100% compliant: Our credit verification services are fully compliant with the data localization and other regulatory mandates.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: The credit evaluation services also provide you with the arsenal to capture and verify every additional income documents, alternate address proofs, or pictures of customer premises/background.
  • Team Coordination: For larger loans, both credit & risk managers can conduct the video PD process over the same call thereby achieving better coordination for risk validation.
  • Personalized customer experience: The credit evaluation services help you to deliver on your customer’s preference to have a face-to-face interaction.
  • Faster TAT: Our digital loan approving process eliminates the need for IPV, helping you to process more loan applications at a consistent and faster rate, avoiding excessive load.
  • Increasing Productivity: By avoiding physical visits, this personal loan verification process allows you to manage your workflow more efficiently thereby reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Tampering detection: Our Video PD solution for personal loan verification deploys machine learning algorithm to run a forgery or tampering check on the ID cards.

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