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Manager – Unilever


Specification and design processes are much more compliant and efficient thanks to PiChain’s development work. Invested as an authentic partner, they provided comprehensive management at an affordable price point. Their communication and team-first attitude were particularly noteworthy.

R&D Support

भारतीय विज्ञान संस्थान


Rishabh Verdia


The combined strength of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain could become one of the most useful inventions for Businesses. We research and build safe DeepTech systems that learn, solve and automate complex business problems for Enterprises.


DeepPiTM is PiChain’s marque deepTech platform. It augments a process specialist(SME) to provide faster, better, and, accurate decisions by rapid knowledge extraction, tacit knowledge capture and precision recommendations. It uses a plethora of topnotch AI algorithms and Blockchain modules customised to perform best together.

Challenges of Enterprise Process Team

Enterprises have very complex
SME (Subject Matter Expert)
driven processes that
generate immense value for
their customer.

An SME has to tap into many
different systems, get the relevant
data, and prepares data into right set
of information and then executes a

The complete decision making
process is a measured combination of
Data, Experience and a set of
specialised Actions.


Skill takes long time to learn so
Dearth of Skilled Resource

Productivity is directly proportional
to team size

Quality is directly proportional
to time taken

DeepPiTM Powered

Augmented human enterprise (5% to 95%)

• Double the productivity with the same team size
• Zero dearth of skilled resources

Knowledge cross pollination

• Double the productivity with the same team size
• Zero dearth of skilled resources

Cutting edge technology

• Unified platform for all stakeholders
• Ground breaking speed



Since the 2009 meltdown what are the biggest challenges of banks and financial institutions?

1. Tougher Regulations
2. Hefty Penalties of Millions and Billions
3. Increased cost of Compliance.

DeepPiTM ensures that all the regulatory decisions and compliances that may lead to financial, reputation, or legal losses are 100% covered. It ensures a drastic reduction in compliance cost (at-least 30% cost reduction guaranteed) with increased accuracy.


The major challenges in CPG and Retail?

1. Distributed teams and process issues.
2. Complex process leading to delays and inefficiencies.
3. High investment in shared services due to complex processes

DeepPiTM ensures that CPG processes are 70% more efficient, 30% cheaper, and, 100% compliant in an innovative way.


The major challenges of an Aero engine or an Automobile engine manufacturer are:-

1. Losing revenue due to process bottlenecks.
2. Complex process leading to delays and inefficiencies.
3. Distributed teams and process issues.

DeepPiTM in an innovative way reduces the production and repair time. it prevents revenue loss and completely ensures a guaranteed 100% compliance.

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