Harnessing Financial Management Technology for Compliance

Digital Finance Technology | Compliance Management System

Harnessing Financial Management Technology for Compliance

Are you often puzzled in implementing compliance successfully due to its variations based on geography? Are you struggling to keep up with the updates on the compliance regulation? Is your compliance budget overshooting your compliance capital? Then, you should delve further to know about financial management technology that interfaces with compliance regulation technology. It provides one-stop solution for all your compliance technology requirements. Digital financial services help in enterprise digital transformation. They facilitate in building digital financial technology solution that eases performance of day-to-day activities of companies. Digital technology solution for banks help in implementing compliance in a more reliable fashion. 

This compliance laws technology incorporates AI and ML to learn and analyse a large pool of pertinent data. Implementing data science in digital banking transformation aids in coming up with innovative products and services. Digital technology solution for banks harnesses the power of data to provide effective compliance. The rising use of digital tech solution in finance has created a complete new world of banking innovation.

Listen to this edifying The Technology podcast by BizClick Media with Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. The discussion revolves around leveraging the power of data science through compliance regulation technology powered by AI and ML. They also discuss the challenges faced by financial services technology providers during the pandemic and lockdown. The podcast beautifully points out the way in which the digital financial services are now considered to be fascinating due to COVID-19.

They both discuss about various alternative technologies such as voice-based systems, digital onboarding for banks and regulatory compliance technology in detail. The podcast relates the gap in compliance score, which leads to increased risk and the challenges faced by the compliance officers in using traditional systems. Thus, highlights the surging tole of compliance solution for banks. This podcast also unfurls the advantages of digital transformation in financial services in connecting various data points to help in fruitfully executing compliance strategies.

Financial Management technology is essential to build highly-secured systems and applications to make contactless services like digital onboarding, video KYC, digital signature, voice-based services, and digital KYC safe, secure, and successful. The banking compliance technology generates reports by collecting and collating data from more than 10 systems in an effortless manner. This report is highly reliable and precise as they are generated by connecting various data points of the fraudulent transactions including the transactional behaviour of the fraudster. It also helps in implementing risks and compliance effectively and efficiently. Thus, it helps in reducing your compliance cost, increasing credibility of your organisation, and meeting your compliance needs within your budget.

Are you clear about how digital finance solutions offered by digital transformation services interfaced with compliance technology to prevent and solve structured scams? If not, then why are you waiting, hit that play button to gain knowledge provided in the podcast to clarify your doubts. If yes, even then plunge into the podcast by hitting the play button and enjoy more insights about financial fintech services. This will help you make a milestone decision in implementing financial technology solutions in your organisation to harness its advantages and enjoy the benefits.

Financial Technology Solutions and Compliance

Digital Technology Podcast | Regulatory Technology

Financial Technology Solutions and Compliance

Financial technology solutions and regulatory compliance go hand-in-hand. With the advent of embedded finance solution, there is a sudden growth in financial technology companies. They offer various digital finance services and regtech solution for banks and financial institutions. It eases the job of the employees and provides the customers with a range of fintech solution. The customers are extremely satisfied as they can avail the services online over any device that are connected to the internet. As technology grows by leaps and bounds, so does the organised crime in fintech payments. High-tech organised crimes aim at swindling money from your customers, illegal transactions using your customers’ credentials, and money laundering. This poses a threat to the regulatory compliance of your organisation.

Whenever your organisation fails to comply with regulatory compliance, it has to compensate the customers and bear the legal proceedings. This will lead to financial losses to your organisation and also brings down its reputation. Some regulations may also ban your businesses temporarily or permanently within their territory. Regulatory technology comes in handy to effectively and efficiently implement banking automation solution for compliance. It provides an alert on any abnormal behavior in transactions whenever they occur. It also prepares various reports on organised crime by extensive data analysis, and effective utilization of regulatory capital.

Paul Stringfellow, host of Techstringy along with Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain discusses the role of financial technology solutions. Both of them amazingly bring out the roles and challenges in robotic banking solution. They unveil how digital financial services enhances the capabilities of regulatory technology.

In this highly-informative podcast, they both examine organised crimes and blockers in implementing regulatory technology and fintech in banking. They also delve into its root cause, ­ black box attitude, and digital footprint and its importance. They bring out the role of the Regtech solution for banks developed by AI and ML-based software solution coupled with blockchain. This along with data science, meticulously implements fintech solution for regulatory compliance and offers secured digital financial services.

Shub Nandi portrays a holistic approach to solve the problems faced by institutions in implementing fin technology services. He places the challenges of the compliance officers across the table for analysis and dissects them with utmost care. This highlights the role of compliance officers in curbing organized crime and implementing fintech services effectively. Fintech banking and financial services have made financial inclusion as their top priority. Hence, financial technology companies are inclining towards development of innovative banking platform automation tools. 

To make compliance sustainable, financial technology has to be interfaced with regulatory technology to trace the digital footprints. This is essential to gauge the behaviour of the culprits involved in the malicious transactions. Effective implementation of regulatory compliance helps to improve the regulatory score of any financial institution. It also helps to efficiently use of regulatory capital allocated by the financial institution. PiChain has developed such systems that are powered by AI and ML. These systems improves its intelligence and performance over a period of time from its inception into the financial technology.

Have you implemented regulatory technology into your digital finance services? Do you wonder how fintech lending platforms will ease the operations? How digital banking solutions make your compliance officers more effective and efficient? Then, listen to the podcast to know more about augmented human enterprise. Discover how financial technology solutions offer seamless fintech services.

How do Regulatory Compliance Services harness technology?

Regtech Industry | Digital Financial Services

How do Regulatory Compliance Services harness technology?

Regulatory compliance services assists in AML transaction monitoring. Regtech firms transaction monitoring solution for risk compliance management to financial institutions offering digital onboarding services. The compliance management services are now developed on AI-powered GRC systems. 

When coupled with AML screening software, GRC security solution automates every step in transaction monitoring. Any financial institution should afford fintech solutions to their customers to ease all the processes to provide seamless services and solutions to their customers in order to boost their business. This has become even more vital and essential since the COVID19 pandemic had hit the world where there are a lot of restrictions for people to move around. They are also reluctant to move around due to fear of inclusion by COVID19 and not due to FOMO towards COVID19.

Listen to an informative and interesting podcast, Serious Privacy, from TrustArc hosted by Paul Breitbarth and K Royal. In the discussion with Shub Nandi, CEO & Co-Founder of PiChain, they unfold the role of compliance management services. It highlights how firms harnessing technology can develop Sustainable solution for risk compliance management.

The podcast by the trio is fact and fun filled as they converse and analyse about the challenges faced in risk and compliance solution. Financial institutions across the world need to maintain data privacy of their customers, curbing money laundering and implementing regulatory guidelines according to the geography of business operations. The discussion also covers various processes in GRC product such as electronic signatures, digital onboarding services (customers and businesses), e-contracts and more. 

Risk and compliance officers are assigned significant roles and responsibilities in implementing transaction monitoring solution. They are trained in implementing governance risk & compliance software in effective and efficient ways. They also learn how technology can augment cognitive risk and compliance management services. This helps them to make their work effortless and also improve their decision making ability.

The GRC systems provided by Regtech industry to financial institutions that provides fintech solutions help them in attaining sustainable compliance by increasing their compliance confidence score, using the regulatory capital efficiently and reducing the cost of compliance. To crack any organised crime involving financial industry, we need to connect all the data points involving all the transactional and behavioural data. This involves a great deal of effort in combining data science, big data, blockchain and AI together to develop a software for compliance management. This helps in accurate prediction of risks and stringent compliance to regulatory processes.

Have you implemented effective and efficient risk and compliance solution in your organisation from an Regtech industry expert? Do you want to know more about an AI-powered compliance management software that can help you in implementing and complying with the regulatory processes?

Listen to the podcast to know more details on organized crimes involved in money laundering, the importance of compliance to regulatory processes, the reasons for compliance still being a challenge and the advantages of involving a Regtech industry expert in implementing compliance and regulatory processes in your organisation. It also provides an overview about the commitment of GRC platform providers in handling real-time data of customers while developing an AI-powered sustainable compliance management system.

Risk & Compliance Management System for Enterprises

Risk & Compliance Management System | Regtech Solutions | Automated Compliance | GRC Software

Regulatory Compliance Solution for Enterprises

Compliance is a must-have for every company, especially financial organizations. Regulatory compliance solution ensures smooth running of operations in an organization. This very reason brings up the need for using GRC tools with compliance management software. There are various Regtech companies who are innovating governance risk and compliance tools and solving complex compliance problems. The GRC solutions play a critical role in driving the organization towards success.

Compliance and governance risk management is not a one-time process but it has to be updated on a continuous basis. It is here to stay as its necessity is increasing day by day. With the number of frauds and cybercrimes increasing exponentially, it becomes incessantly necessary to have strong compliance policies and rules. Regtech companies provide GRC software and automated compliance solutions to sustain and hold the integrity of an organization.

With the stage set on this thought, The Tech Blog Writer brings to you an amazing podcast covering governance risk and  compliance tools. It explain what new regulatory audit tools we can expect in the future. Neil Hughes leads this interactive podcast with Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. These podcast series show the journey of budding entrepreneurs who leverage technology to change the face of the finance industry. It follows up with how the compliance management tools are changing the industry that is otherwise dominated by human interaction and work.

The podcast starts with why compliance management software is becoming unavoidable. With huge numbers of frauds and threats generated every day, manual compliance is becoming less effective with time. Questions like when is the right time to switch to automated finance? Is your company ready for implementing the GRC platform? Should we implement GRC security tools? What are the pre and post actions one should be aware of for compliance risk assessment? All of these questions are answered in this episode which provides clear guidance as well.

Shub also highlights the efforts put by firms providing regulatory compliance services. As one of the few prominent innovators exploring the viability of GRC tools, he is experienced in developing compliance software to cater the growing need. These compliance monitoring tools are proving their worth in the global market and put a robust check on illegal activities.

Are you doing things correctly or are you in danger of falling back? Educate yourself on various compliance management solutions with the help of this podcast. Debunking myths and exposing facts of compliance & GRC solutions, this information pumped podcast is a worth watch for everyone in this field. Follow this podcast to know the recent updates in the regulatory compliance solutions.  

Digital Banking Services – Transforming Core Banking Systems

Digital Banking Technology | The International Business | Compliance Management Services

Digital Banking Services - Transforming Core Banking Systems

The Banking and Finance industry has seen more changes and transformations in the last decade due to regtech solution. Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated up the process of digitization. Thus, easing the access to digital banking services while having a robust compliance management system. The change was a part of the multiple transformations of the core banking system. The wave of digital transformation in banking hit each and every institution. To stay afloat during the lockdown it came up with varied conversational core banking solutions.

Listen to an informative session by the International Business Podcast which covers the journey of technology in the core banking system. Even though hesitant at first, this industry had eventually opened up it’s working for banking technology to take over. Starting from identity theft, customer onboarding process to Anti Money Laundering, every action that earlier used to happen manually, now happens with the help of technology now.

Leonardo Marra converses with Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain to know how Regtech solution is an evolving client onboarding process. How did the digital banking services provided by these tech firms help to find the ideal balance between the world of finance and technology? How is the banking tech solution leveraged to grow and expand faster?

The podcast covers how using Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Neural Networks, the whole business is transforming into an intelligent framework. The core banking solutions learn from customer actions, analyzes and provide better customer onboarding services. Blockchain is another disruptive technology that is seeing a lot of use in transaction validation and compliance management system. Its immutability characteristic makes it an important part of core banking software.

Artificial Intelligence is providing undisputable help to the fraud detection system associated with the finance industry. Starting from detailed customer verification to digital banking services, it has proved to be a much better solution than manual compliance management. AI in banking is helping to manage regulations and policies automatically. The decrease of human intervention in the security system and automated client onboarding solution has created a robust framework for these organizations and institutions.

Is your organization making the best use of an automated core banking system? Are you equipped to work in the finance industry which is now backed by technology? Listen to this podcast to find out what is to be expected with this major change brought by AI in financial services. 

Sustainable Regulatory Compliance System

Compliance Management Solutions | AML Compliance Solutions | Regulatory Technology

Sustainable Regulatory Compliance System

Can compliance be made sustainable? This question has been going around for a long time. Compliance management systems, being an unprecedented part of every organization, have undergone several technological revisions. The current developments in the regulatory compliance system are making it adaptive to the fast-changing regulations. This slowly transforming AML compliance technology is headed towards achieving the goal of managing compliance risks. Deploying disruptive technologies like AI, Blockchain, and Big Data; organizations are easily able to implement KYC compliance technology. This, in turn, assists in managing various financial, governance, and compliance risks.

The Global Risk Community is bringing forward a podcast that answers all the questions related to compliance management solution for banks. Covering the role of technology in AML regulatory compliance, the podcast discusses its importance for the financial industry. 

Hosted by Boris Agranovich, this show addresses all trending issues and is one of the most sought after fintech blogs. In this podcast, Boris interacts with  Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain to know his take on the revolutionary compliance management system and technology. Having a good amount of experience in this field, Shub guides the listeners to the current statute of the banking industry and BSA AML compliance. He walks us through all the positives and negative impacts of deploying software for compliance risk in this industry.

Lawsuits for compliance failure is a very common sight these days as many institutions are not able to successfully implement AML compliance technology. With a good number of very well known companies falling victim to it, the world is now facing a hard time in managing compliance risks. The ever-changing set of regulations adds up to the existing problems driving the need to avail regulatory auditing services. It also requires up-to-date automated GRC frameworks in place. The KYC compliance technology not just follow the compliance changes but to also automatically updates them. This is where the idea of automation took birth and thus sustainable compliance came into existence.

The finance industry is the backbone of the economy. Being so, it was necessary for it to be up and running even in the dire times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic sped up the digital evolution that the industry has been slowly undergoing. With customers moving to mobile/internet banking and digital onboarding, the number of frauds increased drastically and hence GRC compliance solution gained traction. For an organization to keep track of the changing regulations and digital transfer, it was becoming mandatory to have robust regulatory compliance system.

Are the statistics predicted to improve towards the Anti Money Laundering compliance by abolishing manual compliance? Will money and people be safer if organizations establish a secured compliance risk management solution? Follow the podcast to know if GRC system for financial institutions are really helpful.

Suspicious Transaction Monitoring – Following the Money Trails

Compliance management podcast | AML transaction monitoring | Banking Technology | Risk mitigation

Suspicious Transaction Monitoring - Following the Money Trails

Money is the most important token of the economy that needs to be managed and tracked properly. One part of money is 
compliance and other is risk management process. It helps one to know how and in which direction the money is flowing. Wherever money transactions are involved, there is a risk of fraud or other financial crime involved. To tackle such situations, many start-ups have emerged with transaction monitoring technology and risk management solutions. Their platforms consist of ways for suspicious transaction monitoring. The firms should have risks analysis framework and a strong risk mitigation process based on technologies like AI, blockchain, etc.

Listen to this incredible podcast by Startup Instinct that emphasizes the importance of money and compliance risk management systems. It features Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain who expresses his thoughts on regulatory risk management. The discussion revolves around how organizations are getting affected by compliance irregularities. It covers how various tech start-ups design risk management processes to reduce them. 

Focusing on different perspectives and experiences of start-up entrepreneurs, Zaeem Rehman, host of Startup instinct aims to bring in fore their journey to build a startup. The discussions are meant to understand the ups and downs involved in it. This podcast also motivates one with innovative ideas and guides them to the correct path. It covers people from all genres of industries starting from business CEOs to content and many others.

Discussing the experiences and learning, it moves on to Shub’s take on suspicious transaction monitoring, risk management services and financial fraud detection to which he is devoted to solving. He discusses the cause and vulnerabilities that open up scope for Money Laundering. The evolution of SAR reporting system has eased the transaction monitoring process hence developing robust risks analysis framework.

The conversation also explains the psychology behind money investments and use of international banks impacting Money Laundering activities around the world. We also get an insight into how the transaction monitoring technology helps to keep a track on money circulating inside a company. This technology helps in suspicious transaction reporting and helps in risk mitigation process. It covers how the regulations establish a self-sustainable country.

We get to see some really shocking global statistics that leave us with a thought of the role played by risk management technology. Money is required to run a country and the economy which is bound to be affected by the changes in laws governing it. To have a better understanding of how the SAR activity report controls illicit money, click on below.

How has Regulatory and Compliance Solution revolutionized the world?

Compliance Management Solutions | Regtech Solutions | Regulatory Technology

How has Regulatory and Compliance Solution revolutionized the world?

Compliance function has now become a part and parcel of any financial organization. All transactions, asset exchange, and management protocols are governed by a set of compliance regulations. Failing to comply with the regulations might invite legal penalties and fines. Many severe frauds and engagement in illicit activities lead to the permanent shutdown of the company. All of these ramifications are quite disastrous for a company. Thus, in order to deal with such situations, fintech startups have introduced automated compliance solutions for banks which led to the evolution of regulatory and compliance solution. The financial compliance system is growing in the market with a rise in number of Indian fintech companies. 

A thought-provoking podcast brought to you by Compliance Time discusses the whole domain of compliance laws. It highlights how the efforts have already begun in the field of GRC technology to confront several roadblocks. 

Pivoting the area of financial compliance system, Densita, the host, interviews Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. The discussion takes place around the upcoming revolutions in the area of compliance solutions for banks. The podcast series covers topics related to fintech startups, banking compliance regulations and dives deep into the other terms associated with it. Updating us on the ongoing happenings, this podcast will also fill you in with requirements for complying with GDPR regulations.

The discussion starts with how AI and Blockchain, two prominent technologies, are being used by RegTech & Fintech startups to achieve sustainable compliance in the forms of confidence scores, costs, and efficient utilization of regulatory capital. The discussion then exhibits ideas and thoughts of compliance officers and what worries them most in the field of regulatory and compliance solution. 

Shub answers the question of “What makes good compliance?” and presents a model where good and sustainable compliance is actually cost-effective. Creating solutions in line with international standards, he also elaborates the GDPR services which are extensively used.

Indian fintech companies are also catering compliance solutions to a lot of non-financial companies as well. Commomly referred to as Regtech services, Regulatory and compliance technology still plays a critical role in running an organization. To get more insights into how the banking compliance technology works & the GDPR audit process, click on the link below.

How is Regulatory Compliance Technology proving to be a worthy tool?

Regulatory Compliance | AML & CFT in banking | AML compliance system

How is Regulatory Compliance Technology proving to be a worthy tool?

Being dominated by manual work, the finance & banking industry is now slowly shifting towards technology to meet the growing regulations of AML in banking. Moreover, authorities have also fastened regulations of CFT in banking. Hence, existing anti money laundering systems are undergoing innovations. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the foremost technology innovated by the Regulatory compliance technology firms. These are gradually meeting the compliance requirements of Prevention of Money Laundering Act by bringing a revolution in the financial industry.

Listen to a stimulating podcast brought to you by BizSoup Podcast Radio, featuring Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. It covers all that you would need to know about the current reforms in AML regulations and FATF recommendations. Detailing the use of AML software solution, it traces how exactly the concept of cryptocurrency, bitcoins and other deep tech is giving rise to the financial revolution. The discussion highlights the various AML policy measures and importance of regulatory audits. 

John DeBevoise of BizSoup podcast radio puts forth all queries involving anti money laundering system and its reformation in the finance world. Being an entrepreneur himself, this initiative is aimed at helping all budding entrepreneurs to develop robust AML processes. Following the tagline of “If it’s in Business it’s Business Soup!”This podcast has come a long way and has helped numerous businesses to grow.

Starting with Shub’s experience in establishing a Regulatory Technology company, the discussion rounds up to how these AML checks can help small businesses.  Having an AML compliance system in place, they can easily deal with their complex compliance problems and financial crimes. Technology deployed for AML in banking is not just helping in compliance but also in the field of threat identification. The discussion covers the various frauds under the banner of Money Laundering and how the banking system becomes vulnerable to these Laundering threats.

Blockchain, being the token of cryptocurrency, has a very unique immutable property which ensures compliance to CFT in banking. The finance industry is currently going through a technological revolution with deep techs like AI and blockchain being at the forefront of change. The current pandemic has also pushed the financial industry to accept digital solution such as AML transaction monitoring. Needles to say, this is an industry that needs to be prepared for a huge bout of ups and downs to come out as a better and more secured version of itself. 

Know more about the reforms brought by regulatory compliance technology. Also, track the changes in the regulations of The Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Click below.

Regulatory Tech | Automated Compliance | Podcast

The Future of Banking Compliance Technology: Paypod and PiChain

Compliance Management Technology | Fintech Companies| Digital Banking

The Future of Banking Compliance Technology: Paypod and PiChain

Due to the spike in financial crimes due to COVID-19, there are continuous changes in the compliance regulations. This have accelerated the adoption of the Banking Compliance Technology. Banks and financial institutions have to become more vigilant for suspicious activities and follow SAR reporting system. Fintech companies are developing financial technology and compliance solutions to keep up with the latest regulations. The institutions are continuous monitoring transactions and suspicious transaction reports.

A worth listening podcast by Soar Payments on RegTech & sustainable compliance. Shub Nandi, CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain, provides great insights on how Regtech firms provide banks & various financial institutions with reliable & sustainable fintech services to adhere to compliance laws. PiChain is a RegTech company with the mission to make compliance sustainable. This episode elaborates how SAR reporting helps to deal the surging suspicious activity in the financial industry. 

Paypod, an amazing podcast, explores the Payments and Fintech industry. It is created by Soar Payments and will provide you with great insights directly from leaders in the Payments and Fintech startups. Scott, the Host of PayPod, interacts with business leaders and entrepreneurs across the field of fintech technology, security, mobile development etc. It covers the trends brought by cutting edge digital tech in sectors of credit card processing, Bitcoin and many more!

Starting with Shub’s journey in the tech and finance industry, the podcast moves on to the topics of sustainable banking compliance technology. It explains what make fintech solutions so necessary in today’s Banking and Financial Sector. He explains how and what builds up the pillars of successful implementation of compliance regulations. It touches upon the challenges faced by fintech industry and then dives in on how smart technology provide insights from suspicious transaction report.

We get to see some really valuable insights and numbers to the finance industry which otherwise most people are unaware of. To get more insight into the subject of SAR filing and complying with GDPR, listen to the podcast. Click below:

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